About Thinkmatch

Thinkmatch is a data science company that was born from our dreams to help every company and organization in Indonesia with innovation and optimization through Analytics . Our data science team are among the best in the business in Indonesia. Our team work together from multi-disciplinary background to develop sophisticated solutions that simplify your interaction with the complexities of your business. Thinkmatch has always been committed to innovation. We rise to a complex challenge and ensure every single project concludes successfully. We develop analytics and optimization solution that are state of the art. Our team has vast experience in Operation Research, which we combined with extensive knowledge of industry specific business processes across almost every industry imaginable

Chief Analytics Officer

Pradnyaditya W Hendradi

A research professional driven by analytical and organizational skill sets. Specializes in collaborating with top-level executives to create significant impact changes through cost-savings, strategic direction, and competitive positioning. Establishing sets of operationally-based metrics to ensure alignment with company-wide business objectives via researching, identifying, and modeling trends and measurements, presenting recommendations on business-critical initiatives, and overseeing the effort to transition business projects to a metrics-centric approach. Strong analytical data interpretation, instinctive problem solving, and advanced computer skills necessary to properly track metrics and develop ad-hoc/regular reports for most business areas.


Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering. Bachelors of Science in Mathematics. Statistical Theory & Modelling, Work Analytics & Design, Multivariate/Vector Calculus, Numerical Methods, Problems & Statistics in Engineering, and Integrated Production Systems.


Masters of Science in Operations Research. Advanced Engineering.


Certified of Applied Mathematics.


Certified Data Analyst.